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4Trainers Guide

Routine list

A Routine is a sequence of activities that can be repeated. Each repetition can be followed by a resting time of a given span.
By selecting a Routine you can go to the Stopwatch view.
By pressing the Edit button you can add, delete and move Routines. To modify a Routine just press on the Routine name.

Add/Edit Routine
In this form you can set up the Routine parameter and edit the Activity list.
Insert the label (Routine name), the number of times this Routine will be executed, and the rest time - a pause between two repetitions.

The Activity list contains the sequence of actions that composes this Routine.

To add a new Activity press on the last list row "Add new Activity".
To delete an Activity press on the red icon and confirm by tapping on the button "delete".
To change the Activity order along the sequence just press on the three-lines symbol and move the row to the desired position.
To modify the Activity tap on the row and an edit Activity form will be shown.

Add/Edit Activity

An Activity is a single step of your sequence, or Routine, that has an initial sound and a duration.

The Type is the kind of Activity, es. run, walk, pause, etc. You can personalize the types by adding what best fits your requirements. To delete an Activity type just swipe on the corresponding row and confirm.

The Sound is the audio signal that indicate the starting of this particular Activity. You can choose between more than 30 sounds and spoken words (select "Say: something").

The Pre-alarm switch tell the application to play a little beep one second before the starting sound. It is useful to alert you just before a change in the activity is about to happen.

The Duration is the amount of minutes and seconds this Activity will go on.

Run the Routine

To start the Routine tap on the left button of the Stopwatch. A voice will announce the Routine is about to start and a 3-seconds countdown is played.

To stop the Routine just tap on the left button. A subsequent tap will continue the Routine.

To reset the Routine to begin from starting point of the sequence press the right button of the Stopwatch.

On the bottom the current Activity is shown, along with the remaining time. Once the countdown reaches zero the next Activity in the sequence will be run.

During resting times or before the beginning or after the end of the Routine the message on the bottom will indicate the status.

To return to the maining Routine list press the Menu button.

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