lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

4Trainers is alive!

4Trainers - the first application designed "for Trainers", as well as team coaches, and instructors, to get the best from their athletes.

The App Store is full of applications that pretend to replace you trainers with a software. But not all humans can be substituted, especially for their humanity.
That's why we decided to bet on human trainers by making their work easier.

With 4Trainers you can adopt training methods and drills with lots of short exercises at a quick rate. This sport workout technique is commonly adopted to produce fast, powerful movements, for the purpose of improving performance in sports that require explosion of physical power, like basketball, volleyball, rugby, soccer, and so on.

The main difficulty is that as different exercises are quickly switching you have to take an eye on your stopwatch and the other on your team.

4Trainers gives you a strong helping hand.

You can arrange group of exercises - called Routines - to let them run, automatically, by the application. Every exercise is announced by a customizable sound, eventually preceded by a pre-alarm beep, so that you don't have to check continuously your stopwatch. Exercise sequences can be executed at a quick rate, and you can ensure that your instructions are correctly performed, without taking your eyes off your guys.

With 4Trainers you can set up a workout session or a training period by simply creating a new Training Routine. A Routine is composed by an arbitrary number of Activities (run, walk, jump, etc.) that have a duration, a starting sound, and can be repeated. Between repetitions you can set a resting time to let your team take a breath.

An example of a Routine that can be carry out by 4Trainers is:
1° bip: burst for 5 seconds
2° bip: steady for 10 seconds
3° bip: run for 15 seconds
4° bip: steady for 20 seconds
5° bip: jumps for 3 seconds
6° bip: steady for 30 seconds
Repeated 3 times with a pause of 60 seconds.

4Trainers comes with four pre-loaded routine, 39 sounds and 12 pre-loaded activities.

Even if sound samples are recorded at the maximum volume, for real world usage we suggest the use of the iPhone/iPod headset, so that you can ear sounds even in a noisy gym. A little amplifier does work as well.

Let us know your preferred routines and how you loaded them into 4Trainer. We put the top ten routines on this site.

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